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Dr. Ward’s Profile

In 2006 Dr. Ward founded what has today become a thriving Dermatology practice with over 20 offices now serving communities across Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. He has served as president of Dermatology Specialists of Florida since this time. He has also earned the reputation of being a highly respected Mohs surgeon…



I have started this blog to provide insight and commentary on the many things that continue to shape my life as physician as well as share additional insight on various timely topics in Dermatology I believe today’s patients and health care professionals may want to know a little more about.

As a physician in a changing world, I believe it is now more important than ever before to have a voice that extends beyond the walls of my medical practice and that meaningfully engages professionals, friends and patients in the communities I care for. My passion for my profession, my patients and our community is the driving force behind this blog and will serve as my ongoing motivation for sharing with you moving forward.