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Covid-19 Update | April 14 at 8:40 PM

So, tonight’s coronavirus update is brought to you by ESPN Classic, where we play games so old, they’ll seem like their brand new! I’m starting with the best darn news of the day: we’re going to have the most epic TV sporting summer of our lifetimes. Both Gov. Desantis and Pres. Trump talked about the need to bring back sports as soon as possible. Trump is bringing an entire sports task force and Desantis has added WWE to essential services and specifically mentioned NASCAR as a sport to bring back ASAP. Can I get an “Amen” if you’re sick and tired of watching the Kick Six for the 15th time or every New England Patriots Playoff game? We have the NFL draft next week, then we’ll have sports with no spectators (like a million times better than nothing). And by June we may even get to go to some games. So, there’s the good. Now the bad and downright sad. The accuracy of the numbers of deaths were already controversial. Today, it got worse. The city of New York just added 3,700 new COVID deaths dating back to March 11 as probable. Their definition doesn’t require a positive test, simply a diagnosis of possible COVID 19 or similar diagnosis. This is the beginning of the end for trusting death data. From the department of trampled liberty, protesters in Raleigh, NC, were arrested for you guessed it… leaving their homes to perform a constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and assembly; but the Democratic governor determined it a non-essential function in voicing their disagreement with staying at home. Look for more of this as over 350,000 Michiganders have joined an anti-gov. Gretchen Whitmer Facebook group and they are protesting in Lansing tomorrow. Back to good news, both Trump and Desantis in their press briefings today said to be ready for the reopening of the economy in May. Trump said some states may reopen even earlier. Desantis also did not rule out school starting back in May. Everything is looking good as long as you aren’t in New York City or Detroit. Nationwide number of cases continue to decline. There are no new hotspots developing. There was a high number of deaths nationwide today at just over 2,400. I’m not sure how much of it is liberal classification of a COVID death vs reality. The number of cases had been falling four days straight and then we set a new record high. It’s odd to say the least. Here in Florida we had the lowest number of cases since March 26th. So that is great news in the state. Deaths were high at 74 and mostly from SE Florida. In Bay County, we are still at 38 cases and that is the number we have been at for 48 hours, which is a great thing. Our county is truly blessed with a very low number of cases for our population, among the best in the nation. We are getting close to official announcements of re-openings and members of a certain party and the media are going to make wild assertions and try to scare people into a frenzy for us all to go back into lockdown. All of you hardworking good people, that will not be the time to let the vocal minority shout you down; that will be the time to shout back twice as loud. Be prepared and our country will come through this with far less death and economic damage than if the opposition has their way. That’s all for tonight and I’ll be back again tomorrow.

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